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Nymphenburg Bonbonniere Eye Brown

Porcelain tin with handpainted eye designed by Ted Muehling.

You don't really need them. And yet tins exert a magical charm. Usually a small tin is already a small work of art in itself. Made of fine material such as gold, silver, horn or porcelain that is lovingly poured, shaped, decorated and painted. Small models in particular feel wonderful in your hand, are enjoyable to touch and, of course, guard valuable treasures.

This five centimeter Bonbonniere by Ted Muehling is a wonderful artifact that should be in every well-stocked collection.  Outwardly, quite inconspicuous, then when opened you can look into a meticulously hand-painted beautiful brown eye.

Note: this item is available in two versions with the eye painted either on the outside lid (as pictured) or with the eye painted on the inside of the base, visible when you remove the lid. Please make your choice below!   




Few other manufacturers offer as much opulence and a wealth of motifs in their decors as Nymphenburg. Nymphenburg works freehand, without stencils. It can take up to 15 years before an “apprentice” can fully execute their complex designs.



Handmade in Munich, Germany

Designer: Ted Muehling



4.7" / 12cm