Collection: No17 Therapy

No17 Therapy was created by Mille & Bo, who live in Tisvildeleje at the tip of Zealand's North Coast. With their daughter, Mynte, they enjoy nature's changing appearance and mood at the beautiful open sea and the lush forest.

"Nature means a lot to us, because it gives us both inspiration and perspective on life. The leisurely pace of the visible change of the seasons contributes to a calm and mentally lighter existence after more than 20 years as residents of the capital."

No17 Therapy is based on the insight that nature can be more than just something green outside the window. Nature is a luxury that everyone can enjoy, in which one can find pleasure and enjoyment in the form of calmness and soothing scent impressions. Put into practice, this means that we develop aroma oil-based products of the highest quality - handmade and organic - which enable you to find peace and enjoyment in an otherwise hectic reality.