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The La Bouche Rouge brush collection is developed in Osaka, following the tradition of Kaizen calligraphy, the philosophy of continuous improvements.

Face Brushes:

The highlighter is a large brush made of beech wood and vegan fibers to apply la Lumière. It allows a harmonious and diffuse application on the cheekbones, cupid bow, and the tip of the nose for a natural and glowy light halo effect.

The powder is a large brush, made of beech wood and vegan fibers to apply la Terre. It allows a harmonious and diffuse application over the entire face.

Eyeshadow brushes:

The blender is used to blend the different shades of the eyeshadow palette together and blur any lines to create a natural smoky look from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.

The shader allows you to easily and precisely apply the shadows in full color on the mobile eyelid with a simple and precise gesture.

Face and eyeshadow brushes are made of beechwood and vegan fibers.

Lip Brush:

The result of traditional French know-how, passed down for generations since 1779. It is handmade in Saint-Brieuc and consists only out of wood, aluminum, and vegan fibers.

Its particular shape makes it possible to adapt to every lip shape and draw Cupid's bow by simply placing the tip of the brush on the lips.

Each brush is sold separately, please select the brushes of your choice and add them to your card one at a time.