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Lemon Verbena Tea

Aloysia citrodora

Organically grown on a farm in Coombsville, Napa Valley. Lemon Verbena is a perennial woody shrub, whose leaves are used for a myriad of purposes from medicinal (immunity booster), cosmetic (ancient Spanish perfumes) and culinary (for a fresh lemon accent).



The TEA garden is named after the earth goddess Erda; the life force flows through her from the fertile soil, through the fine roots, to the dynamic leaves of the plants, reaching fervently for the California sunshine. Call her what you like — Gaea, Rhea — Erda steps out of the ethereal, mythical pages, to grace the land, to bestow her bounty upon it and ultimately to offer the fruits of her labor, swirling about your cozy tea cup.

All ERDA teas are organically grown at our farm in Coombsville, Napa Valley. The teas are hand-picked to retain their whole leaves and flowers, and immediately placed in a low-temperature drying room to preserve freshness and vivacity.



Season: Spring harvest

Benefits: Relaxation, stress relief, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity.

20 g (8-10 pots, each pot can be brewed 3-5 times)