Mozartkugel Music Box Gold
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A beautiful limited edition of the popular beech mozart music balls.

'Golden Oak' is gold lacquered all over the oak music ball and key.

A turn of the large elegantly shaped key magically produces one of Mozart‘s melodies from inside the solid oak wood ball. The ball's tune is Mozart's 'Magic Flute' and plays whether the ball is still on a shelf or rolling across the floor.

Manufactured by Siebensachen in Germany in a village on the edge of the Black Forest, the chime is mounted inside oak that has been fashioned into a perfect sphere. Children and adults alike will love to handle the finely finished music ball and listen to the sound of the melody within.

'snowball' is a limited edition lacquered in semi-matt white all over the beech music ball and the key is also lacquered white.
recommended for ages 3+
made in germany

$ 140.00


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newborn 16" 17" 21"
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12 months 18" 19" 31.5"
18 months 19" 19" 34"
2 years 20" 20" 36"
3 years 21" 20.5" 38.5"
4-5 years 21/22" 21" 41 - 43" 
6-7 years 23/24" 22" 45.5 - 48"
8-9 years 25/26" 23" 50.5 - 52.5"
10-11 years 27/28" 24" 55.5 - 57.5"
12 years 29/30" 25" 59.5 - 61.5"


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