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Postscript Whole Bean Coffee

Choose between three delicious blends of coffee for your home preparations, Or try all three and delight in the variety of natural hand-roasted delicacies. 
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HAIKU: Toffee, Chocolate Cherries, Fruity
HAIKU is an adventurous blend composed of washed Guatemalan and natural Ethiopian coffees. The fruity character Ethiopian layered on top of the Guatemala’s classic sweet-bodied foundation create a visceral textural and aromatic experience. Sweet and smooth with a lingering bittersweet aftertaste. Wonderful as espresso or a luscious drink when paired with milk. Enjoy it as espresso or filter coffee.

POEM: Citrus, Cocao, Dried Fruit
This Poetic blend is made with a rotating selection of seasonal organic coffees. The Poetic Roast is a deeper roast that yields a thicker body and lingering bittersweet aftertaste—exclusively roasted on-site at our cafe in San Francisco. Enjoy it as espresso, filter coffee or cold brew.

SONNET: Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Nuts
Postscript's pride and joy. Sonnet, our house blend, is roasted on-site in our cafe on 499 Jackson Street—a balanced blend with flavors of caramel and nuts. A medium-dark roast, our Sonnet roast is a delicious blend made exclusively with coffees from Latin America.

12 oz bag