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Rain by Robin Layton

Robin Layton has been photographing rain in all its many forms for most of her life.  Over the past decade, she accumulated a collective picture of rain that planted the seeds for this book. During those years, her work took her around the world, and she came back with rainy images from Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Texas, California, Hawaii, Wyoming, China and Japan.

She wanted to show how rain distorts reality and lets us see the world around us in a new and special way.

A labor of love, “rain” includes 146 stunning, evocative photographs that explore rain in all its vastness and intimacy. We see rain through Robin’s eyes as our most universal connection to nature. 

Each book is signed and numbered as a limited-edition piece of art.

There are only 750 printed copies. There will never be another reprint.



During her 25 years as a photojournalist, renowned photographer Robin Layton has produced countless notable photographs and earned a place among the world’s top photographers. 




146 stunning, artistic photographs.



11.25" w x 14.25" h