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The Chai Kit

The Chai Kit

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Make up to a gallon of deliciously spicy chai with this handy kit.
The legend of chai goes something like this: Thousands of years ago, a king in what’s now India ordered a drink made with healing and energizing Ayurvedic spices. Since then, that beloved beverage has been enjoyed throughout India—and all over the world—for its warm, spicy, soul-comforting properties.
The kit will provide all the spices and instructions. All you need to add is fresh ginger, sugar, and your preferred kind of milk. One kit makes 10 to 16 cups or 1 gallon of chai. If you make the whole gallon but don’t drink it all, keep the rest in the fridge—it’s also delicious served over ice. Handmade in California.


A wonderfully unique and creative gift that the chai lover in your life will be sure to be delighted to receive! 



Assam, masala spice blend, cinnamon, whole black peppercorn, whole green cardamom, clove, and salt.

- Assam (Chai Kit) OR Rooibos (Rooibos Chai Kit)
- Masala Spice Blend
- Cinnamon
- Whole Black Peppercorn
- Whole Green Cardamom
- Clove
- Salt
- Instructions

Each kit makes 1 gallon or 10-16 servings of chai


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