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AIAYU Scarf Green

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A beautiful tribute to Nepalese craftsmanship, the Scarf is artfully handwoven and dyed in a small workshop in Kathmandu. Made from a luxurious mix of cashmere and silk, the scarf features a characteristic small stripe pattern in a gentle color palette, as well as slim borders for a minimalistic finish.


Aiayu is a Danish luxury brand with a deep commitment to sustainable practices, natural materials, quality, and craftsmanship. The company is rooted in a love for quality and sustainability. Aiayu searches the world for nature’s best materials – like Eri silk, llama, yak, & Sartuul wool – which support small family farmers, nomadic herders, and sustainable producers doing things differently.


- 75% cashmere 

- 25% silk thread

The cashmere is of the finest fiber selection, sourced from the undercoat of the Tibetian and Mongolian goats, refined in our workshop in Kathmandhu, Nepal.

Care:  Cashmere is a self cleaning fiber that requires less washing than other materials. So save resources and simply air your garment for a fresh start. 


75 x 75 cm / 29.5 x 29.5 in