Silent Sea Body & Hand Soap

A refreshing soap for hands and body with 100% organic and natural ingredients. Created on a low-foam cleansing soap base, the Silent Sea soap is delicately mixed with essential oils such as refreshing mint, lime, soothing rosewood, lavender and a hint of clean and fresh cucumber.

All soaps from No17 Therapy are hand-mixed and produced locally in Denmark. They contain neither parabens nor dyes, but only the very best ingredients that clean, care for and moisturize your skin.  


No17 Therapy is based on the insight that nature can be more than just something green outside the window. Nature is a luxury that everyone can enjoy, in which one can find pleasure and enjoyment in the form of calmness and soothing scent impressions. No17 developed aroma oil-based products of the highest quality - handmade and organic - which enable you to find peace and enjoyment in an otherwise hectic reality.


100% natural

Based in Denmark 

You can use this mild soap as a home hand soap or enjoy the therapeutic and stimulating effect of the essential oils in a warm bath. 



500 ml